The Second Half

Greeting Liz cohort & whatnot.

I'm here to share a bit of Major News with you.

A few weeks ago, I bit the bullet and hightailed it to my friendly, local gastroenterologist. What fun, Liz, you exclaim!

Yes, exactly that. I was tired of hearing myself complain about near constant gut issues, both of the lower and upper regions (or rather, Mr. Wench was tired of it, ergo, I called on the collective pool of healthy people who also have BCBS Michigan to pay for it, and went to see a doctor).

I was of course, fully confident I'd iterate my symptoms and his kindly eyes would widen while he ordered me to the hospital STAT for all sorts of fun and expensive tests. I mean, I'd already diagnosed myself with the help of the Interwebs. I was surely dying.

Au contraire.

He listened to my litany of woes, had me lie back while he poked around on my belly and I continued to mentally write my will and figure out how best to guilt my kids prior to my untimely death. He helped me sit up, pulled out a xeroxed sheet of paper and over the course of the next 40 minutes or so, gave me the sort of talking-to no medical person ever had. It involved no medication (he wants me off the one I take for heartburn if possible), and plenty of "homework."

One of the things I was to do was to go home and watch a Netflix documentary from 2011 called "Forks Over Knives." I did this, while drinking a positively disgusting concoction of 3-parts dark leafy greens, 1 part fresh berries and a cup of water in a blender--his one "prescription" for me and my death's-door woes.

After that, I threw out every ounce of sugar in my kitchen, and got busy changing my lifestyle fairly drastically. Ever since then--approximately 2 weeks ago--I have not eaten a bite of meat of any sort, and have severely limited my dairy intake.

This is IN NO WAY MEANT TO MAKE YOU FEEL GUILTY OR ENCOURAGE YOU TO TRY ANYTHING I'VE TRIED. However, I will tell you that I've spent over 25 years of my life concocting dinners for people who would otherwise starve or overdose on pb&j and in all that time I've never felt more excited to create a weekly menu.

I have a long way to go. But I wanted to share my 2-week baby step with my Lovely Liz Land-ers on this fine Friday when I will, indeed allow myself a few slurps of sugar in the form of fermented beverage by way of a reward.

As my patient, "no-you-are-not-dying-stop-reading-WebMD-please" belly doctor said, "You've spent 50 years getting into this (lack of) shape. Think about this as a re-set for the second half of your life."

I'm slapping that on a stickie not and putting it on my dang forehead y'all, no lie.

How serious am I about this?

I have made 14 100% vegetarian/mostly vegan meals in the last 2 weeks and made 2 loaves of HOMEMADE whole wheat bread.

Kids, my rule of thumb for recipes used to be "if it's longer than a paragraph, I ain't got time for that."

These recipes are pages long. But I made my own spaghetti sauce and fake cheese yesterday so I believe that necessitates a celebration.

Carry one with your bad selves.

More about me later....



#vegetarian #forksoverknives #healthyeating #veganlife

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