Dead Lawyers Don't Lie

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GENRE: Thriller



The killer aimed his weapon at the pregnant lawyer's rounded belly. He said "Bye-bye baby," and pulled the trigger. War veteran Jake Wolfe and his former military dog are targeted next. They must stop the assassin, or die trying. An action-packed thriller from beginning to end. Dead Lawyers Don’t Lie has been a #1 bestseller in Pulp Thrillers, and among the most popular books in Kindle Unlimited All-Stars.



On the morning before attorney Richard Caxton was shot, he spent an hour in court doing what he did best—lying to the jury.

Caxton’s client was the wealthy son of a mortgage banker. Brice Riabraun had “allegedly” been driving under the influence of alcohol when he’d crashed his luxury SUV into the Tate family’s economy car. In court, Caxton claimed that the police had mishandled the case.

In Caxton’s successful cases he often found a loophole in the law, or a small procedural error by the police, or a semi-believable alibi that would hold up just long enough to bamboozle a jury. Caxton exploited these opportunities with the smooth talking technique of a used car salesman. Other attorneys in the city marveled at the creatively dishonest con man. He was a natural born liar. They were envious of him.

After arguing relentlessly for his version of the truth, Caxton now listened to the Honorable Judge Emerson pronounce his client not guilty.

Judge Emerson frowned after he read the verdict. Caxton had to make an effort not to laugh.

Brian Tate stood up and raised his voice as he spoke to the jury. “How could you find that criminal innocent when the police report said he was driving with a .15 blood alcohol concentration? Witnesses said that he drank seven beers before he crashed into our car and almost killed my wife and kids!”

Tate’s wife Judy sat next to him with her arm in a plaster cast. The twelve jurors seated in the jury box didn’t reply to Tate, or meet his eyes. Tate turned and stared at Caxton and his client with the fury of someone who has been cheated out of justice.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Mark Nolan began his writing career as a successful entrepreneur who created news stories for businesses that were featured in The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, Parade, Reader's Digest and The Associated Press. Nolan was born in San Francisco, grew up in the Bay Area of California, and has also lived in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii. He has raised two great kids and one very smart retriever dog. Right now he's busy writing the next book about Jake Wolfe (Book 2), but he also tries to make time every day to answer emails from readers. You can reach him at




And now, the Liz Review:

Dead Lawyers Don't Lie is an Amazon best-seller that has a kick butt title and starts off strong. The main character, Jake Wolfe is intriguing as the hero, and the premise's hook reels you in. I consider myself a cross-genre reader and tightly constructed thrillers always appeal to me.

This book is a bit heavy on the details and dialogue and drags in the middle a bit because of it. Obviously you need both details and dialogue in a thriller but the length of some of the passages did make me skip several pages at a time. The plot and some characters will require you to suspend your disbelief at several points, and the romance that is introduced was stilted (but I say the same thing about every Jack Reacher romance attempt).

Ultimately, I'd recommend this novel if you enjoy the thriller formula but it is long, and many times overly detailed. Not that long books are bad--I prefer them actually, as it shows an author's ability to build a world and hold my interest. But I found myself skipping too many passages and still managing to get out of the plot what I needed to get.

A 3-Pint read!

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