Today is book release day for me.

It's a re-worked novel with a brand new publisher and a new series starter and I am pretty stoked, as you might imagine.

One reader at a time!

But I want to use my bloggy platform to address the core "trope" of this particular book: The "menage romance."

I have written a few of these and every time I do, I feel like I should post a caveat: "Pure Fantasy. Do not try this at home." Not because it can't be managed physically. It can. What I mean is (and try to include as an element in my books and most especially this one) is the emotional element.

TAPPED is what we in the biz call "M/F/M menage" which simply means that the F (the lucky lady) is between the "M's". The men are not bisexual and so do not touch each other or whatever during The Act. This created its own sub plot, of course. Not many actual men would be into "sharing" a woman they felt strongly about... and trust me when I tell you that Austin Fitzgerald feels "strongly" about Evelyn Benedict.

But it was a function of the strength of their relationship that allowed for the "third"... Ross Hoffman, who was Austin's buddy from their time in Munich at a (fictional) Brewing Institute). However...things get a tad dicey when Ross admits to himself that he has fallen for Evelyn just as hard as Austin already did.


What I did in this book is take that natural, realistic awkwardness that 99.999% of men would feel about sharing "their woman" and turning it into a reason to delve deeper into Ross's psyche. Why, for example, does he never get attached to the many (and I do mean many) women he's bedded? Why Evelyn? Why now?

What this did is lead me to a second book: LightStruck which is Ross's follow-up story in the messy aftermath of the realistic dissolution of their sexy threesome. I hope to have an announcement about its release soon!

IN the meantime...enjoy TAPPED. It's

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Love & stuff,


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