Is It Any Wonder

I get this question from bloggers and readers a lot:

Liz, tell us about your "process." (mental finger hooks around the word)

To which I usually answer, "Welp, I don't have one really. I get an idea, or am given one by the Plot Bunny Overlords.

I open a fresh Word doc (nope, don't use Scrivner), crack my knuckles, and get to work. I don't outline or storyboard, or make a playlist or find pictures of my characters to inspire me. I just write."

And as I sit here on Thursday evening 2/9/17, peering around the corner at my first release day with a new publisher (Totally Bound) for a new book (TAPPED) to start a new series (Brewing Passion), I did exactly that, twice, since ripping off the calendar page to reveal a shiny new year.

I did this for a few reasons, not the last of which is that sticking my nose in a new book of my own creation allows me to (mostly) ignore the news. But I also did it because I've made a decision. (cue the triumphant music).

I have decided to not give a rip anymore.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am still working toward my ultimate goals: go-getter representation and a contract with a New York publisher. I don't plan to stop self-publishing. I'm very proud of The Love Brothers series and have plans to add to it this year. But those words up there? Those are my goals and I do a little something every other day (if not every day) to get a bit closer to them.

I also plan to work my cute little tail off the make this Brewing passion series with my shiny new publisher a kick ass success. So far, Totally Bound has been a dream to work with--total professionals from acquisitions and contracts to editing and promotions. I've been around and seen a few things in this biz and (so far) am 100% happy with this publisher.

But I also know that as an author these days, pre-representation and said big contract, I have to remain nimble, eager to try new things (have you read any of my Kindle World novellas yet?), and aware of the importance of expanding my platform. Gotta look out for #1 and all that.

But....still...every day there are more and more and more (and more) books to choose from. More authors demanding attention and taking up mental and physical bookshelf space. And trying to measure myself against everyone else is wearing me the heck out.

Hence...I no longer give a rip.

I will, instead, write. And I will revel in the writing. The glorious agony of the creative process!

And agonizing it is. I just finished two, full-length novels. Two of 'em! And both were, while not exactly as angsty as some Liz books, certainly strenuous to write.

Both are now in the hot hands of my editor. And I literally just sat at my kitchen table and had a massive crying jag--the loud kind, the kind where the dogs come running, convinced we've lost a family member or something. Whew. Talk about cathartic.

Being "a creative" is a bitch some days.

But I have:

Another Kindle World novella to craft...

Three Love Brothers novellas to write, get edited, covered and promoted...

and more queries to send.

I'll pour a glass of Thursday night red wine, keep ignoring the news (including the ones about a movie that I hope won't ruin my book release but might), open up a fresh Word doc...and write.

Hang in, scribblers. We're all in this together.

If you're of a mind, leave me a comment with how you cope post-massive-creative-output marathon.

Love ya,


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