Namaste. Or Something Like It

Ah December, I welcome you and your non-global-warming-because-that-can't-really-be-true bizarre warm temps and the debilitating stress attacks I get every time I see a "only XX more days until Christmas" post on Facebook.

No seriously, December. I'm good with you this year. Mainly because I'm using you (don't be hurt, I'll buy you a cigarette) to leapfrog myself out of the last 2 years of utter crapiness into 2016. The Year of Liz.

As I look back upon the past 12 months, I can say with 100% certainty that they passed in a half a blink of an eye between Major Life Changes (college graduations, pharmacy school beginnings, engineering school/Detroit starts, college soccer commitments, a big house move and a return to my true selling roots) and I suppose the fact that now that I'm pushing 50 the months simply pass quicker in some kind of weird quantum theory physics thing that defies understanding sort of like why razor blades cost so much.

I have been accused (rightly) of being a whiner this year. I have also been accused (wrongly) of being unwilling to see the "good side" of all that's gone on. (Refer to the above under "major life changes" and read between the lines to see "so far so good on the parenting front.") I would posit here, on my blog where I can say whatever the hell I want, that I've always been a "glass half empty" sort of gal. To know me is to love me and my ability to find something shitty in every fabulous situation or arrangement.

Ergo, I have decided to put some things in reverse, while at the same time moving forward. Borrowing from the AA Big Book of Required Apologies I am going to spend some time trying to rebuild a few bridges I unknowingly torched, while also getting laser focused on my career selling houses.

I am good at this, you see. And I know it. The fact that I was able to jump back in, get some great listings and sales after a near 5 year break from it is testament to that fact. Things have changed somewhat drastically in the RE world but in essence they remain the same. And I take my role as a Professional Problem Solver and Dream Facilitator very seriously....once again! I'm even gonna learn how to be a Ninja, or something like that, in January thanks to the amazing folks who run my brokerage. I will spare you photos of me in tight leather pants.

To kick start the beginning of my half-century mark I have set myself a challenge--a 30+1 day challenge to be precise. I will do Bikram Yoga that many days in a row (allowing for a Xmas Day skip with a double the day after). I've tried this before and made it as far as 23 days. That Personal Best will be leapfrogged because I'm bad ass. Keep up with that journey by checking my my long ago post comparing the Bikram Yoga practice with the writing one. *****even though this is a great example of how I keep trying to recommit to this practice and keep failing...ugh...never mind that part!****

I'm also seeking out some new projects, new to me authors and influencers and have found a few including one whose books I bought so I can write him a killer review and because I want to write WITH him someday, although he probably doesn't realize this, bless his sweet heart. Robert Bevan is this newly discovered Oracle of Profanity Laden Genius and the target...ah..."focus" of my new obsession. This guy is hilarious in a way that melds perfectly with my own sense of sick and somewhat up-yours humor, that many times gets me into trouble (see: "bridges burned without realizing it"). I'll keep you posted on what I think about his best selling series Caverns & Creatures and hopefully not from jail where I get stuck for being a blatant stalker.

I've also been inspired by JKonrath in his "you suck get better at writing and shut up about it" messaging as well as observations on the state of authors and readers and the New Venn Diagram of Our Relationships thanks to social media. Oh, and I'm still querying, ever hopeful that some super prescient agent or publisher will agree that my domestic/corporate/medical thriller set in Detroit that rocks will make us both rich beyond our wildest dreams.

In short, I'm a little sore from all the hot yoga, rediscovering the stress that comes with holding two, year-making deals together that are inside of 12 days of closing (holy sh*t balls cross your fingers on this one for me Liz Acolytes!), and getting used to a life wherein I write for myself, query for others and try to convince R. Bevan to write a book with me.

I'll be back in a few days to fill you in on how, starting on my 29+20 birthday (12/17) you can buy books right off my website....including signed print copies of The Love Brothers series AND limited edition, early print versions of the best selling Stewart Realty series! You know you wanna.....

P.S. Go Forth. Pre-order FireBrew. It's hot...well, ok it's "realistic" and has some shit that will totally piss people off but you know, that's what I do, apparently. It's got a firefighter (retired), a hot shot, smart mouthed Detroit lady realtor (natch), and craft beer. What could go wrong? *sniggers* See for yourself. It's just $1.99 after all even though Mark Coker just advised me not to use that price point. Whatever.

Here are the linkages:


For Apple People

Anyone Left Who Reads on Nook

Saying farewell and good riddance to 2015 with a nice long Savasana....

I give you my man Rick Pitino doing the Surrender Cobra, a new yoga move invented in Ann Arbor this year according to ESPN.

Namaste, y'all.

Liz, your friendly Ann Arbor Real Estate Expert, Mgoblog Harbaugh Randomness Instigator, Cards Fan and Author

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