Alpha. Beta. Gamma!

Today I want to make a quick introduction to a character I created who will populate upcoming FREE NOVELS from yours truly.

I'll do this by way of a quick interview, if you will permit me this silly (yet super fun for me) affectation?


Cool. Here we go.

Liz: Welcome to LizLandia Sawyer Callahan. You're in "my" business at least part of the time. Why don't you tell my fans and followers a bit about yourself?

SC: (blushes adorably and runs fingers through his somewhat shaggy silver-gray hair) Yeah, well, yes. I suppose so. I'm a real estate appraiser, part time, I only work with a couple of lenders right now. Which makes me either your best friend, or your biggest enemy, eh Liz? (chuckles) But It's not all I do, no.

Liz: (resisting the urge to press a wild lock of his hair back in place) Yes, appraisers can make my life hell no doubt. You are the guy coming in at the end of my deals to determine if the loan to buyers is worth the risk by establishing value. And in this market...

SC: This market is out of control. Prices are so crazily inflated. (shakes head, sips coffee, obviously trying not to get all preachy)

Liz: What else do you do?

SC: I was a motorcycle traffic cop, down in Louisville for about ten years. Now, I help out a friend who owns a lawn and gardening service. We do snow removal in the winter, minor repairs on houses, lock smithing, that sort of thing.

Liz: But you're also a teacher?

SC: Yeah. I have a degree in accounting. I like things, I don't know,...neat and tidy I guess, and numbers never change. They're reliable. They aren't open to interpretation, you know? Subjectivity is overrated, in my opinion. (a pause in which he blinks fast as if remembering something). But yes, I teach accounting at the community college at night. Just a couple of classes a week usually. No big deal.

Liz: You have the most amazing blue eyes....(recovers self) I mean, uh, but well, appraisals, those are sort of subjective aren't they?

SC: No. Not if they're done right. (runs a hand along the short, gray beard covering his jaw) And frankly, when you guys get all heated up about my "subjectivity" I do love to show you that I am a numbers guy. Values up or values down they are well established. A fifty thousand dollar spend on a new kitchen just isn't always gonna net you a fifty-thousand dollar ad on your value. Sorry.

Liz: You sound like a busy man. (leans forward on elbows, admiring her own creation) Why aren't you with the Ann Arbor police department?

SC: Yes. I like to be busy. And I was, with the police I mean. We moved here for my...late wife's job. She taught English at the U. I rode a desk for a while. It was all right. I took care of our daughter too which I enjoyed a lot. She's a teenager now. It's somewhat less enjoyable but I pray it's a phase.

Liz: So...what happened to the desk job?

SC: (furrows brow and leans back). Lost it. My fault. Long story. Listen, I should go. I told my friend I'd help him set up some tents for the big game tomorrow. (gets up and nervously sticks hands in jeans pockets)

Liz: Is there anything you can't do, Sawyer?

SC: That's a damn long list, Liz. But you would know, right? Tell your readers to wait to get my whole story in November 17 in APPRAISED. It's just the tip of my iceberg, right? (winks and walks out of the room)

Liz: So there you have it. My first shot at a real GAMMA MALE hero! In my opinion, a Gamma Male has the best of both worlds. The outgoing sexiness and swagger of an ALPHA male, with the right dose of sensitivity and introversion we want in a Beta.

Sawyer is older (about 50) and grew up with a construction worker father who taught him everything about houses and cars. He got an accounting degree to satisfy his mother (and his desire for "neatness" in all things) but due to an incident that you won't find out until book 2 went in a different direction out of college and joined the police force in Louisville. He and his wife Helen moved to Ann Arbor for her job when their daughter was a baby and he worked a part time desk job for the cops and raised her, then when she started school he picked up the accounting night class job.

Something ELSE happened to make him lose his police job, and while he was floundering around a bit after that (and his wife's death from cancer) he picked up odd jobs working with his friend who suggested he try real estate appraisals.

APPRAISED is just the intro to this man via his unexpected relationship with Miranda Landon, red-headed, hot shot, not-so-neat-and-tidy Realtor. It will be released FREE to all of my newsletter subscribers on November 17.


CONTINGENT will release on or around January 1, 2016, also FREE to newsletter subscribers and will be about Sawyer's friend, Neil Jenson, a somewhat younger guy who mows lawns, removes snow, sets up tents for tailgate parties, is also a locksmith and all around, erm..."handy man"....and has a PhD in English Lit....Yes. There is a story behind all that!

Between the 2 of them, Neil and Sawyer will get embroiled in a real mess, in which one of them will get blamed for a woman's murder at one of Miranda's empty house listings and the other will have to work to clear his name.

All. Free.

Because I love ya!

Have a great weekend all!



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