It's All About the Love

The Love family that is....

Who are these people, you ask?

Well, it's a large, boisterous, drama-filled, tight-knit family living near Lexington, Kentucky. The patriarch started a successful craft brewery way before that become super-hip. The matriarch comes from horse-farm money but made a choice about her life and who she wanted to share it with that sometimes, she regretted, but not always.

Each of the existing books:

Love Garage

Coach Love

Safe Love

Love Brewing

focuses on one of the siblings and his struggle to find happiness in the tangle of whatever his life has become.

And now, we get the ladies' story.

Family Love is a book in 2 parts. Part 1 is Lindsay Halloran Love's tale--how this family came to be in other words thanks to her headstrong stubborn, and at times selfish, personality. Part 2 of the story of the only Love sister: Angelique. This novel cuts close to my heart as I think it will anyone's who has a daughter, has BEEN a daughter with a headstrong, independent mother or even anyone who's been a sister to a bunch of brothers. It's definitely NOT romance, although there is a thread of romance running through it--sorta like, you know, "life."

If you want to genre-ize it, let's call it : Women's Fiction.

But whatever you call it, I think you'll enjoy getting to know the strong matriarch and her loyal, but equally stubborn spouse Anton Love. And I hope you will enjoy watching their daughter Angelique grow into herself and her place in the middle of this dynamic and compelling family.


You can get all 4 full length novels + the one novella for ONLY $4.97 for one week ONLY!

Love Garage = FREE

Coach Love = FREE

Safe Love = .99

Love Brewing = .99

And Family Love, now available (kindle only) for a mere $2.99 (and this is a 500 page novel).

Go on, dive in. And be sure and let me know which of the Love siblings is YOUR favorite!

Love (!)


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