LizLandia 2015--The Inaugural Post

Greetings and welcome to the New Liz World Order!

Ok, well, maybe it's just a website and blog facelift but it feels very new. It even smells like that first day of school. You know--freshly sharpened pencils, polished floors, new books. Never mind by the second day or so it starts to reek like that stuff the custodian has to throw on the spot some kid made when he drank the lunchroom milk. But I digress...

Whether you are a new follower or a loyal fan (or even a hater/stalker--I see you out there!) I welcome you to this new, improved Liz World.

Allow me to explain.

Between 2004 and 2010, I sold real estate. If you were alive and breathing in the U.S. you realize this is the employment equivalent of head chef on the Titanic. However, I did pretty well, so well in fact I was asked to leave that position and jump into a new project with some new to me people in a new to me industry.

That went well, or so I thought. The new to me people seemed to think otherwise and I was asked to take my Beerwenchiness away from their new project after about 5 years. So I did.

Coincidentally (contrary to some folks' opinion) the books I'd been working on for a bit seemed to find some traction during those year. So I birthed a brewery and an "author platform" about the same time. Yeah, I'm a multi-tasker.

And now, you ask? Now, Liz? What wild scheme are you cooking up in that creatives sales brain of yours?

Simple. I'm back doing the job I never should have left. Real estate. It's hard. But selling books is harder! And funnily enough, both things seem to work for me in a karmic balance kind of way. I work for myself going forward, that much is set in stone. I set aside 5 years of potential lucrative business on behalf of others. There will be no more of that!

I am pulling my worlds together on this new, improved Liz site. This blog ( will serve as my mouthpiece for, among other things and not limited to:

* books (mine some, but mostly those I read and enjoy)

* housing in Ann Arbor

* Ann Arbor business-y stuff (read: trains are coming) and those who lead the way

* the Detroit revival

* Louisville Cardinal Football

* Michigan football

* Louisville Cardinal Basketball

* the craft beer biz (I know I know so "hipster" now, sheesh)

* Wenchlings & their coming adventures as semi-adults

* soccer of all variety

* authors I admire (I'll feature at least one a month and include a Liz-style review)

* my publishing journey (sometimes known as "the hobby")

* A topic I'll call "random" and might include the odd rant or something about sex (maybe a sex rant)

I welcome you to LizLandia, The Blog. The place where I encourage interaction (comments) but only those either egregiously sucking up or otherwise rendered in a positive light. No Negativity will be Tolerated, unless it comes from me and I am swearing off that sh*t as much as I can.

As a bonus and WELOME Gift I am offering up the cover of a brand new Liz book that will be included in an upcoming "fireman themed" anthology. That cover will be revealed when the pre-order link is available (9/7/15).

FireBrew is a quintessential Liz style take on that particular trope.

Into the Flames will also have books by: Desiree Holt (one of my heroes), Sam Cheever, NJ Walters, Cindy Spencer Pape (fellow Michigander), Adele Downs, Nina Pierce and Olivia Brynn. The anthology is pretty damn amazing and will be available for pre-order on Sept. 7, with release date set for Sept. 29.

IN THE MEANTIME.... I am offering up FireBrew, my little take on the "fireman romance" IN ADVANCE for your eyes and reviews. In order to get your copy, you must email me


Here is the blurb:

Jane Terrance has her life in perfect order. Great job selling commercial real estate in Detroit—0ne of the hottest markets in the U.S. Cool condo in Midtown with her best friend. Plenty of her own money plus complete control over all aspects of her active love life—Including a sexy, no-strings-attached boss.

When she meets a new client at an abandoned fire station, figuring him for one more greedy investor, she realizes just how tenuous that control truly is.

Trey Lattimer seems a little young to be retired from firefighting, and at first, he's just another guy to conquer. But the harder she tries, the more out of reach he gets until his continued presence does nothing but wreak havoc on her carefully constructed world.

Fate throws them together. But the horrific memory of a fiery disaster could tear them apart.

NOTE this little warning though, before you request this book:

Liz Crowe writes dark, gritty romance including characters dealing with depression and addiction. FIREBREW also contains scenes of abuse and questionable consent.

But do not despair. FireBrew is a first for me on so many levels. My first requested "new work" submission to an anthology AND my first, first person point of view novel. So grab hold of something strong to drink and get your copy (heeding the warning the above. If that is NOT your thing in books please DO NOT REQUEST A COPY. Remember "No Negativity Allowed!") Here is a handy "coming soon" spot on Goodreads where you can post your review of this part of the anthology!

Now....stay tuned for the awesomness to come! And don't forget, the next installment of my best selling Love Brothers series is just around the corner.

Pre Order (Amazon only) your copy today!

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