What people are saying about Liz Books

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5 Stars - "Liz did an excellent job of writing both Aiden's and Rosie's points of view, and getting the story from both perspectives kept the it very interesting. The entire plot was so wild to think about, and made me wonder how often things like that actually happen in real life.. "


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5 Stars - "Liz Crowe is back to her best with this book and I look forward to more! "


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4.75 Stars - "Well done Liz. Your books never fail to suck me in. Your writing style and the depth you add to your characters is amazing and you never leave the reader asking questions. You dot every i and cross every t in your storytelling; not many writers have the talent, skill or passion to be able to do that. "


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4 Stars - "Years of pain and constant broken hearts fill the pages of this story. Giving an emotionally heart felt story of two people learning to love, let go, move on, and grow up. While reading Love Brewing, I shed tears of sadness and tears of joy for the characters in the story. "


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4 Stars - "Another thing I like about this series is that, although the characters aren’t old, they all had had lives before they got together. Either because they had children, or went to college to study or got married (almost every one of them were married before). So we don’t get too much drama and instead we get real life problems. "

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Author Liz Crowe does not write within "formula romance".  She writes real life, sometimes messy situations that do not always have a typical HEA to them.  She has an amazing flare for the unexpected.  If you are looking for hearts, flowers, love songs and grand gestures of fairy tale type "they live happily ever after", Liz books are not for you.